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“An incredibly funny look at modern relationships and families from a distinct voice that proves you do not need to follow “the rules” or other people’s preconceived notions to find love, happiness, and fulfillment.”

— Allison Loring, Film School Rejects

“Consistently fun.”

— Jessica Baxter, Film Threat

“The pacing is brisk and the zingers plentiful…Harris deserves special credit for her deft displays of physical comedy.”

— Joe Leydon, Variety

“GAYBY’s wit and warmth twist around a now-perennial screwball dilemma—a thirtysomething woman’s last-ditch scheme to get pregnant, with the aid (and sperm) of a gay friend—gives it an attractive indie edge…Lisecki directs deftly and lightly, and spreads the jokes around his strong cast, but Harris couldn’t be better at its center as the forlorn, self-mocking and ineptly vengeful Jenn.”

— David D'Arcy, Screen Daily

“Imagine The Next Best Thing with a funnier script and a real actress instead of Madonna as the baby mama, and you’re in the approximate vicinity of Gayby…Chronicling the bumpy formation of an alternative family, the sweet-natured comedy is flavored by warm characters, an appealing cast and tangy observations on friendship, dating and relationships—gay and straight.”

— David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“[Director] Jonathan Lisecki is like a great jazz musician: take a familiar tune, run through it once, then make some magic.…The ensemble is all very strong and features some welcome faces (hey, there's Adam from Girls! There's Charlie from The West Wing!) but it's Lisecki's writing that really shines through… a fantastic first feature for a major new comedy voice.”

— Jordan Hoffman,


— Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

“The cast is rounded out by various bit players, including Lisecki himself as a flamboyant source of comic relief, but the movie's real star is its screenplay. Relying on constant one-liners, sparkling wit and awkward refrains, GAYBY never slows down to get preachy even as its characters confront real issues. While on the surface GAYBY has the buoyancy of a metropolitan sitcom, its status as a charming crowd-pleaser allows its deeper themes about progressive family life to gradually settle in. By the end, GAYBY has earned the right to be utterly sweet, heartfelt and wildly entertaining at the same time. Lisecki, making his feature-length directorial debut, announces himself as a strong new voice in American cinema with a resolutely modern eye.”

— Eric Kohn (chief Film Critic for indieWIRE), Rooftop Films

“A real joy…the writing is really hilarious and the extended supporting cast is simply fantastic.”

— Jordan Hoffman,

“It’s hilarious. Full of smart situations and smart-ass one-liners (the zinger about kale is sidesplitting), GAYBY is also a sweet romance.”

— Gary M. Kramer, Frontiers LA Magazine

“Don't miss Jonathan Lisecki’s GAYBY, a hilariously bitchy but sweet comedy that serves as Gotham’s answer to Portlandia.”

— Aaron Hillis, The Village Voice