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Out100: Jonathan Lisecki
Out Magazine
November 8 2012

Out100: Matthew Wilkas
Out Magazine
November 14 2012

Jonathan Lisecki: We’re having a “Gayby”!

October 16 2012

Interview with “Gayby” Star Matthew Wilkas

After Elton
October 16 2012

Interview: Jonathan Lisecki on his hilarious “Gayby” Debut

October 13 2012

Funnywoman Jenn Harris Goes from Off-Broadway to Indie Film with “Gayby”

October 12 2012

A Story That Resists the Straight and Narrow

The Wall Street Journal
October 12 2012

Making a Comedy About Friends Making Babies

The New York Times
October 5 2012

Bringing up Gayby

Out Magazine
October 2 2012

Friends with Baby Wipes: Fall Film Preview

Next Magazine
September 14 2012

Straight woman impregnated by her gay friend: Don’t worry Lisecki knows what he’s doing in “Gayby”

Culture Map Houston
July 30 2012

Jonathan Lisceki—Writer/Director of “Gayby“

The Capital Hill Tlkas
July 20 2012

FilmOut: Jonathan Lisecki talks about his hit comedy about making a “Gayby”

GDGLN: San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
July 12 2012

A Conversation With Jonathan Lisecki (GAYBY)

Hammer to Nail
June 22 2012

Meet the Filmmaker: Jonathan Lisecki (“Gayby”)

Rooftop Films
June 22 2012

Futures: “Gayby” Triple Threat Jonathan Lisecki

June 21 2012

DP/30 @ LAFF 2012: Gayby writer/director Jonathan Lisecki
DP30 @ LAFF 2012
June 20 2012

Frameline36 Video interview

June 16 2012

“Gayby” filmmaker: Not every woman has a gay best friend

June 15 2012

Q&A with Jonathan Lisecki (director of “Gayby”)

BAM Blog
June 12 2012

One (Gay) Man One (Single) Woman :: Jonathan Lisecki on “Gayby”

June 11 2012

Interview with Filmmaker Jonathan Lisecki
BBOX: Brooklyn Community Radio
May 23 2012

LGBT SPOTLIGHT: Exclusive Interview with GAYBY Director Jonathan Lisecki!
The Sarasota Film Festival
April 13 2012

Getting to know Jonathan Lisecki Director of GAYBY
Ashland Independent Film Festival
April 12 2012

“Gayby” In Studio Interview

The CW Austin
March 13 2012

Five Questions with “Gayby” director Jonathan Lisecki

March 12 2012

It’s a “Gayby”—Interview with Writer-Director Jonathan Lisecki [SXSW Film]

March 12 2012

Interview with Jonathan Lisecki

Either Or at SxSW
March 12 2012

Mama Drama: The comedy in 21st century babymaking

The Austin Chronicle
March 9 2012

Jonathan Lisecki Jenn Harris and Matthew Wilkas (Gayby) | Interview

Smells Like Screen Spirit:
February 23 2012